What do you teach in Spinning Sock Yarn?

Bee treadles with my size 11sBy Amelia

Sock yarn is about fineness. Fineness, and durability. Fineness, durability, and ... oh wait, I'm channeling a Monty Python skit, it has nothing to do with sock yarn.

Spinning is about having fun! And that's what we do in this workshop as we explore the ins-and-outs of spinning sock yarn.

Let's take a look at that fineness thing. And durability, how do we get that?

We'll play with:
* techniques for spinning fine(r)
* how fine singles are for different plies
* what fibers add durability
* what spinning methods add durability
* how to add durability in plying
* what finishing methods add durability

And to keep it fascinating, let's explore our color options:
* turning barberpoles into beads with cables
* marled 2-color yarns and faux cables
* Navajo-ply: test before you commit...
* self-striping socks
* fractal plying and more striping options

sockyarn on the halfshellWe'll wrap up with a discussion on knitting socks, from dress socks to boot socks, and any sock-knitting-ness you'd like to discuss: DPs or circs? What is a sock machine?

Bring your favorite sock pattern or favorite commercial sock yarn to explore in class.

For a list of all workshops taught by the Belle (that's me!) see, What Workshops do you Teach? Hey -- it would be fun to have a sock blend batt carding class followed by this one. I'm happy to tailor workshops to your group, just let me know.

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(Oh, and ... as I was asked, the blog is quiet as I wrap up "the book" and the heat of show season ... not less than 10 classes to teach in the next two weeks, starting with this one, tomorrow: all fun, all the time!)
posted 1 June 2009 at http://askthebellwether.blogspot.com/


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Boy, I wish I lived closer!!!!

Leigh said...

If you ever do a workshop tour in the southeast, let me know!