Did you ask for a Natalie spindle?

By Amelia © December 2, 2009

We all have it happen to us -- change email systems, crash a computer, or just, somehow, lose all that archived email. And, it wouldn't have been so bad -- but it turns out, only the last two Natalie requests survived my data loss. This is magnified by the fact that I now have the almost-final batch of Natalie spindles, but don't have the names that go with them.

Thus, my blog-appeal ... did you request a Natalie spindle from me this past year? If so, please let me know which wood it was. If you didn't but are eager to have one, let me know that, too. I'll wait a week (until December 9th) and then open up the unclaimed ones to new requests, or ask the turner to turn a few more as he can.

Thanks to all who contacted me and helped reconstruct the lost list.

Curious to know what a Natalie spindle is? I've posted a few entries about them in the past, see:
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Ruth said...

Wow! I have a Natalie spindle & never knew it. I bought it for a few bucks at a guild sale--mainly b/c it was so pretty. Tho I consider myself a moderately experienced spindler, I found the Natalie difficult to use. Now I know why--I was expecting it do things (very long spin-time) that it wasn't designed to do. I will try it again, with a fiber that needs a fast but not necessarily long spin-time.