Where can I find a retired spindle?

By Amelia © January 4, 2016

The cost of a new wheel, drum carder, or loom is a lot of money for most of us. At the other end of the spectrum, the cost for a no-longer-made wheel, spindle, or book can also be right up there.

I've posted several entries here in the past about finding wheels and looms second-hand, and out of print books:

I put my own website sales on hiatus in mid-2014 when I started back in the workforce, as I didn't know if I would have time to respond to orders. That was the right thing to do, because it was a whirlwind first year!

However, I was still shipping it to Unicorn, so felt that would keep it available. I never dreamed they would stop being in business. But, they did. And the price on Amazon went up to $46 - I am glad the book is considered valuable, but was dismayed that folks had to pay so much for it.

The one retailer that had always contacted me directly still was, Bosworth Spindles. They have always been a big supporter of me, and me of them (great spindles!) So it could still be had for $18 from their website and at shows they attend on the USA's east coast.

I am pleased to have the new job in hand well enough, and enough support from my family, to return to offering Productive Spindling, my student spindles, and learn to spin kits on the website here.

But this post is supposed to be about finding retired spindles. Here are my tips for that:

Google the spindle maker and model - you may find that the maker has reduced their distribution, but still sells it directly. Besides, what's more fun than ordering it directly from the maker?

Define a watch on eBay, for the spindle maker and model. You can have it email you search results daily, if the spindle doesn't come up on the first try. I found several obscure weaving books there with patience. Also searched for completed auctions, which will tell you if any have been there recently, and what they sell for (or if they generally don't sell there).

Etsy is a good place to check, just in case someone decides to do some destashing there.

The Spinner's and Weaver's Housecleaning Pages often is for big tools, but spindles and spindle collections show up there from time to time.

The big one: ravelry. There are several spindle groups there, and spindle de-stashes show up in appropriate forums. Check out Spindle Candy - they have ISO (in search of) threads, Spindle De-stashing threads, and lots of great spindle information. There are other used equipment groups on ravelry as well -- it's a good idea to look in several, as a primarily wheel spinner may not be on Spindle Cnady. Always remember to follow group rules for sales and want ads.

Facebook now has a variety of spinning groups and barter forums - I haven't explored these much, but check. Maybe there's a group of spinners near you, so you could use this next item:

And last, let your local guild or spinning buddies know - you never know who has the toy you want, hiding in a cupboard. I've been fortunate to have friends with tools I was on the hunt for, so I could at least borrow them or give them a road test.

I hope these suggestions are useful to you; click through to those three links listed above for more ideas. Finding spindles can use the methods for wheels, looms, and books as well. Happy searching!

The spindles in the picture are Spin Dizzy's, made by Kat Walton. I wish I hadn't lost touch with her, as these are amazing spindles and folks always ask me where to get them. I sold them for Kat back in the day, but the ones I have left are definitely mine, and not up for sale (sorry).

What spindle are you on the hunt for? I admit my own flock is sizeable (and could use reducing), but I always keep an eye out for unique spindles.

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sandy said...

I'm actually looking for a Natalie spindle to spin silk....I came to your blog because I knew you used to sell them
I'm wondering if you know of any Natalie's for sale.
Thank you,

Lisa said...

I desperately want a cherry sun-face spindle that Golding used to make. I drooled over the pictures in the ads, but when I finally scraped up the money to buy one, they had stopped making them. I put out a call on Ravelry every once in a while, but haven't been able to find one yet. :-(