About The Bellwether

Fiber arts are a joy!

With today's hectic lifestyles, we often forget about the impact of industrialization on the arts and crafts. The fiber arts have been undergoing a revolution, with fiber arts being re-learned world-wide and turned into beautiful clothing, linens, art and more. Using fine fibers and tools makes creating fiber art a real pleasure.

The Bellwether works to ensure that the many fine breeds of sheep continue to be maintained to supply spinners with 'the stuff of dreams'. Each breed has its own character and deserves our attention. My own study of spindling has led to the extensive line of spindles The Bellwether carries and also to designing the Natalie spindle and writing Spindling: The Basics.

I hope you enjoy these fibers and tools as much as I do.

My on-line webstore is available almost 24/7 at www.thebellwether.com. Since it is currently undergoing a re-vamp, I recommend bookmarking the home-page and using "search" to find your items.

Friends are always welcome to drop by my spinning parlor on Upland Lane.
I'm around any day I'm not away at shows, 9 am - 7 pm, bring your spinning and knitting and chat a while; just call or email a few days ahead to make sure I'm around. I only keep samples here at home due to the zoning laws within the city, but you are welcome to come and see my extensive private collection!

I live in sunny Clallam County on the Olympic Peninsula in the northwest of Washington state, in the middle of Lavender country. There are many lovely B&B's for a weekend getaway.

I endeavor to bring you the best fibers, tools, and information available. Questions and suggestions are always welcome, please email, AIM, call or write to me.

Spin on,

Amelia Garripoli
founder, The Bellwether
(360)582-0697 Pacific Time

(last updated 4/22/2007)

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