This is hopefully "the third time's the charm" ... I've tried, unpersistently, to blog twice before "Carlson Woolies" (no longer my last name) and a side-line one, "Poet Read" for my innermost love, poetry (writing since there's so much out there, there just isn't time to search for the good stuff ... though I love the poems my husband reads to me!)

In any case, once this introduction is out of the way, I plan to use this blog to discuss fibery things: answers I've given to spinners, knitters, & others about fibery things; my ongoing projects -- thank goodness I'm not as "bad" as the Yarn Harlot; and anything else that piques my interest enough to share it with you.

I can't promise many photos, but the Digital Camera will try to contribute every once in a while.

Enough said. Blog on ...

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