What sort of spindle would you spin angora on?

(ed. note: This answer is from 6/2001, when Spindlers was a new list and I was exploring spindling quite a bit. A bit of history :-) )

I was hunting around for a good spindle or technique for angora, and on someone's advice tried making my own from sculpey. I measured it on a bad scale to make sure it was ~10 grams, and it turned out fine. I didn't do anything special, just eyeballed it to see if it was 'round', and made it fairly flat, maybe 3-4mm thick. I poked a hole in the center with a bamboo skewer, and it fit tightly after it was cooked due to the minimal (but enough!) shrinkage on cooking.

I just used a half-hitch to keep the yarn on when spinning top whorl, though I plan to drill a hole in the top of a skewer for a paperclip-bent hook.

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