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One nice thing about Spindlers is that the conversation is occasionally sparked by one of those "everyone answer" kinds of questions. And one of my favorites, because it prompts a mental review of my work, is of the style: what is currently on your spindle(s)? It came up again today, so here's my response:

It seems I've been spending too much time knitting and cranking(my circular sock machine) lately for gifts, not much spinning. Next year my mother gets handspun, that way I can spin rightup until Christmas. I gave her some this summer when she camefor a visit, and she really liked it. So, yarn goes over well, LOL, Idon't have to make something.

But, that aside, I am planningto take a spindle with me on my Christmas journey east to meet my husband's family. I have a project on a little turkish spindle that I really want to get back to, and since it's fine spinning, it won't take up much room. Nothing planned with the wool, I just want to play with the spindle! This is one from Whorl'n Whimsies ( (NAJAHC).

I also really want to get back to my silk spinning -- I put _all_ of my silk spindles in a workbasket with my dyed-blue silk so they will all get a spin. Let's see, I know there's a Natalie, a LadyAnn, a mini Tabachek in Black Palm/Ebony, a Lollipop, a small Forrester top whorl, a purpleheart mini Bosworth ... This is to make some embroidery floss for the edging on myshawl -- the shawl's been done for at least 2 years now exceptfor this, so it ought to get some attention. The addition of the embroidered detail should re-spruce-up the shawl, give it asecond wind!

Then there is DD's spinning lesson; she really wants one, soI need to sit down with her soon. Luckily school's out tomorrow, so maybe next week we'll have enough of the day free to get some mom-daughter time in.

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