Love and the Top Whorl ... and on Making Spindles

I have to say up front that I do sell these. The spindle I reach for again and again for projects with a medium wool with silk or something blended in -- is a Tabachek, usually a Compact Deluxe. Folding in with the "whats on your spindle" thread, I have a really cute Bocote/Yellowheart CD Tabachek in a workbasket here in my office with a medium wool/silk/silk noil/faux angora blend called Spinning Shepherdess (so it's pinks and browns, reasonably enough, LOL) that I'm spinning into worsted weight singles, with a goal (oh, probably 3 years off, but it's a goal!) of making a nalbound hat out of it.

And sure, I've made _lots_ of spindles -- CD spindles, toy wheel spindles,polymer clay whorl spindles, bead spindles, donut bead spindles. These are fun to make! Of all the ones I've made, I think it's the bead spindles I enjoy the most. Possibly because the beads are so lovely, or because they make great support spindles. (No, I typically don't sell the spindles I make!)


Anonymous said...

Hi, bead spindles?, what are those?, could you post a photo? thanks from a delurking spinner.

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Hi Marianne, Please check out the new post (just for you!) What are bead spindles?

Thanks for asking!