How do you spin a Batt?

Because this needed to be rich in pictures to clearly show what I was doing, I ended up posting it as a flickr set with instructions accompanying each picture.

This flickr set is a pictorial on how to spin a Crosspatch Signature Batt -- or any highly textured, layered batt :-) it's all good!

Big Mosaic of Spinning A Batt...
If you prefer to work from an abbreviated list, you can use these notes; or click the links for more details on one. Click the big picture above to see the full sized pictures on flickr, or to watch them as a slideshow.

1. The Bag of Crosspatch Creations Signature Batt Lady Slipper
2. read Joan's spinning tips on the bag
3. Take the batts out of the bag
4. sideview of the batts
5. underside of the batts
6. Split the batt lengthwise
7. topview of splitting the batt
8. completed first split
9. Now split one of those halves...
10. And then split the other half again...
11. Now break each length into small sections
12. Jumble up the segments
13. Start Spinning
14. Draft each piece as you go
15. ply back test
16. remember - this spins into a textured yarn!
17. did I mention texture?
18. Leave the end of a segment fluffy
19. Make a V to join
20. form a join
21. Join is formed
22. Singles, three thicknesses
23. Preparing to 2-ply with Handy Andy
24. Andy ready to ply
25. Bobbins! (single, 2-ply, and 3-ply)
26. Tower of Bobbins!
27. Skeins on Treadle
28. Closeup of the skeins
29. Another skein shot (no flash)

Created with fd's Flickr Toys. And I can't tell you how pleased I was to run across this little flickr toy!

Comments on this style of post? Comments or questions on spinning a Crosspatch Signature Batt? Feel free to comment here, on flickr, or email me.


Pam said...

Amelia, I love your blog and all the information that you provide. You have been an inspiration for me.
So..... I've decided to tag you. please visit my blog at for rules of the game

Abby Franquemont said...

Evil twin mode activate!

Yours is better!

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Twins is right -- right down to the cat "helpers" with the fluffs of wool. My husband has taking to calling those pieces, cat tails! LOL.

cathy said...

*Thank you* for showing how you handle a layered batt in so much detail. And the ply-back picture for the singles yarn was really helpful, too -- I've wondered how to tell how much twist to use for singles!

Unknown said...

this was a very useful blog thank you !