What do you teach in Plying Around?

Bobbin of Boucle!Looking for some new ways to twist your fiber? This will have you plying up a storm of new creations in no time! $20 per session, up to 12 students, 2-3 hours depending on class size.

Skill needed: ability to spin a steady single and basic plying. This class is geared to wheel spinners, though spindlers may be able to do the methods as well with a little park-and-ply action on the two-handed parts.

You need to bring: wheel, 3 (THREE!) empty bobbins, lazy kate, niddy-noddy, ball winder or nostepinne (if you have one), scissors, pencil/pen, notecards to save samples on; contact me if you need me to bring extras.

Also, bring yarns you want to dissect or copy, and fibers you want advice on.

  • Wraps Per Inch singles -> plied (review)
  • Cable 4-ply
  • Navajo 3-ply (aka chain ply)
  • Thread and commercial eyelash yarn plying
  • Novelty methods for color play: coil, ch'oro/snarl, knop/beehive
  • Boucle
If we haven't run out of time by then, or brain cells, we'll dive into some other fun plying with Diamonds (also seen in the book Creative Spinning), Mixed Twist (from Patsy Zawitowski's video Spinning Novelty Yarns) and Navajo 4-ply.

We had alot of fun in my Creative Spinning series with this session last time. The yarn on our bobbins by the end of class was some seriously crazy stuff!

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