This Blog on Wordle...

By Amelia (and Wordle!)

With appreciation and credit to

I could leave it at that, but I won't. Things I learned from this:

  • There are more ways to spend time on the internet than ever I could imagine.
  • This is a spinning blog still with a lot of spindle news ... but weaving's creeping in, and I seem to have socks and cotton on my mind a lot!
  • Besides talking about myself (my name's in there!) I seem to mention Abby a fair bit. She's great!
  • I like positive reinforcement ... "interesting", "pretty", "great", and the topper, "terrific"!
  • I'm not sure, does that look like a skein of yarn or yarn wound on a spindle?

Hop on over, see what Wordle does to your blog :-)

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HLF said...

That was awesome! here's what I ended up with from my blog: