An idea for a project (or two)

By Amelia

I love seeing the projects unfold on others' blogs, though I've kept my posts mostly singular in nature so far.

The Bee, laced for fine spinningSo here are two (or three!) I am considering. It struck me recently in spinning up some lovely Mooi laceweight on my new Bee, that I didn't need to ply it with the seasilk fiber -- I could spin that laceweight too, and then weave the two fibers together in a color & weave design.

Then two new colors of Three Bags Full showed up, shocking pink Wool Gone Wild and speckled yellow Spoiled? Never! (coming to Rhyme Times Subscribers soon!) -- and I realized these two colors would do well in a similar treatment, one as warp and another as weft.

Then I realized I already had a project like this in my weaving stash ...
bamboo and cotton
That multi teal/black is handspun bamboo singles, and the black perle cotton would look terrific with it!

Bobbin View - Pocket WheelSo, I see three scarves in my future, playing with color and weave. Perhaps a crepe like the swatch in the picture with the bamboo, or a pretty little rosepath twill. Then there are the crazy twills I found with a quick peek into the Digital Archive on Weaving...

And I should be able to show you some new weaving tools as this project progresses ... stay tuned :)
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Rina said...

I know you told me that the fibers rubbing together while being laced was OK. Maybe I should try that technique and maybe I'll get laceweight on my Mach 1.

Kim said...

I too love to see others projects, they often get me started in a new direction. I will revisit your blog to see what you are cooking up!