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Speed Knitting ResultsBy Amelia

Remember speed knitting? My 28 days of training are up ...


(1) You can knit a skinny (21 stitches wide) Noro Striped Scarf with two balls of Noro. I can knit one in about a month, even :-) I spotted two, done to official sizing, at the Whidbey Spin-In last weekend -- one in Noro, one in handspun ... oooh, a great use for those leftover bits & pieces!

(2) k1p1 rib is now my friend (you don't know how BIG this is for me!)

(3) Sadly, the finger locations of the yarn for SPM official speed knitting causes my tendonitis to flare up.

(4) But the speed-knitters' variants of it on YouTube work well for me, so I've had to adopt them to spare my wrists.

(5) I can now knit one of my booth-sample mini sweaters in under an hour -- definitely an improvement. That's good, because as you can see, I have four more to do!

(6) Techknitting (the blog) rocks! Her instructions on Tubular Cast-On and Tubular Cast-Off for K1P1 rib were terrific. My following of them, well, I learn :-) the green end of my scarf has a problem, I didn't "WYIF" the slipped stitches -- so it was pulled and reknit post photo, looking good now, whew!

I am glad to have improved my knitting skills, and look forward to finishing my purple sweater (it's been lurking under the Noro scarf in my knitting bag) so I can move on to the Cardigan in my future :)

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Nancy said...

Can you take a picture of how you're holding the yarn? I'm curious to see how it is different from what Stephanie teachers as her lever knitting. :) Thanks!