Productive Spindling: The Treasure Hunt!

By Amelia

Let me start with a Belle opportunity ... tomorrow, August 1, I will be doing a presentation and signing of Productive Spindling at Gypsy Wools in Boulder, Colorado, at 1pm. The lovely ladies there have door prizes, and I'll be hosting a spin-in until 5 pm, so come at the start for the prizes, come later to spin, or come any time between 1 and 5, I'd love to meet you there!

On to the treasure hunt ...

Productive Spindling: The Treasure Hunt!

While I was writing Productive Spindling, I got to thinking, Wouldn't it be fun ... to have a treasure hunt through the pages of the book. So I present to you: Productive Spindling: The Treasure Hunt!

Now, treasure hunts can be very organized things. But I'd like to make this fun. So, here are the "rules" (should I shrink the font?):
  • Please email me your responses: ask-at-thebellwether-dot-com works, or the email address from the front of the book. Please don't post them as a comment here or on ravelry.

  • Yes, there are prizes (hint: see the picture). More on that, in a bit. Keep reading!

  • Yes, having a copy of the book is kind of necessary to be able to answer the questions ... though honestly you might be able to 'get' most of the answers if you dig through my blog, wander around ravelry, ... or convince your local library or spinning buddy to get a copy for their shelves. No, you don't have to have purchased it from The Bellwether -- Productive Spindling is available at several retailers, across the US, in Canada and Sweden!

  • Anyone can enter except me - since I know all but three of the answers already!

  • Cut-off for prizes: for the physical prizes, let's put it at September 1, 2009. That gives you a-month-and-a-day. And August is a long month, too. Plenty of time!

  • All entries get a 5% discount on a purchase at The Bellwether, good through 31 December 2009 ... so if you enter after that, ummm ... I can let you know how "right" you were.

  • All entries with at least 12 right answers get a 10% discount on a purchase at The Bellwether (instead of the 5%), good through 31 December 2009.

  • Final cut-off for receiving the discounts for submitted answers will be September 30th ... the answers will be posted October 1.

  • The first response with all answers correct gets first choice of one the prizes.

  • The names of all remaining responders with all answers correct, received by the deadline, will be put into a hat and 3 will be randomly selected for the remaining prizes.

  • Oh, what are the prizes? ... A Kundert top whorl, Maple with a streak on the whorl; a Bosworth Maxi, Bird's Eye maple; a Tabachek Compact Deluxe, Tulipwood; and some amazing Shetland top dyed by David Schulz in his Iris colorway (who can't love purple?) ... all of these are from my private collection/stash, hard to part with but I really wanted cool prizes, so I made sure to choose things I adore!

  • Responses and winners' names may be publicized. Please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous.

  • Do we need more rules? hope not! on to the questions!

So, hunt through your copy (or a friend's...) and tell me (in email, remember) your answers. Remember, it's a treasure hunt ... have fun on the hunt!
  1. How many photographers did the book have?

  2. On which page does my ravatar (also seen on my facebook...) appear?

  3. What's your favorite section in the book (provide its section heading)?

  4. Where does the name "Ask The Bellwether" come from? Bonus: why is "The" capitalized?

  5. Name the maker/brand of each spindle on the front cover.

  6. Locate the flickr page for a photo that is in the book (hint: most of the ravelry contributors' photos originated on flickr, in color). Provide a link to the flickr page.

  7. What's your favorite illustration (photo or drawing) in the book?

  8. How many different peoples' hands are in the book?

  9. Name at least ten different spindles in the book (maker/model).

  10. On page 34, what is the spindle made from in the photo by artsyfish?

  11. What's another name for the lark's head knot?

  12. How many different peoples' faces are in the book?

  13. How many niddy-noddies are in the book?

  14. Which spindle (same one) appears in the most photographs?

  15. How many types of joins are described? Name them.

  16. What time is it on the clock spindle?

  17. How many different peoples' feet are in the book?

  18. Which maker's spindles appear in the most photographs (can be different models)?

  19. How many types of plying are described? Name them.

  20. What's your spindle "dream team"? Digital photograph submissions encouraged :-)

I like the fact that this treasure hunt is a nice, round 20 questions ... if you have a spindling question (or 20) after you read the book, feel free to "Ask The Bellwether"!

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Helaine said...

I missed out on the treasure hunt will you have another one?

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

@Helaine: I have my thinking cap on for fun Productive Spindling activities for 2010 ... stay tuned :-)